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If you want punditry, visit an opinion-based political website. If you want a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute picture of what voters are actually thinking and feeling, you're in the right place. We gauge the mood of the nation and track American elections and social and cultural issues from the perspective of where it matters most: with voters on the ground.
Writing on the Wall
Writing on the Wall
What is the current state of politics, the electorate, and the nation at large?
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Presidential Race Maps
Presidential Race Maps

Our innovative presidential election maps and blog offer a snapshot of where things stand and where they are headed in the state-by-state hunt for electoral votes.

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Tracking the Nation
Some statistics—like presidential and congressional approval ratings—are vital for tracking the nation’s political mood.

Others may have a significant impact on voter sentiment, from the price of gasoline to American military fatalities in Iraq. Updated continually, our statistical charts serve as the backdrop for our electoral analysis.