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The New York City Term Limits Debate

Posted Oct 23, 2008 at 1:53 AM
PollTrack Election Watch

The New York City Term Limits Debate:  PollTrack will be actively covering a number of local races and referendums next year, including the New York City mayoral and other citywide elections. The New York City Council is due to vote on Thursday on a move to allow Mayor Michael Bloomberg to run for a third term despite a poll showing that 89 percent of voters say a referendum should decide the issue. The term limits debate revolves around three issues: whether term limits should be extended one additional term (to three), whether the original law, affirmed by voters in two separate elections in the 1990s, can be emended legislatively, and whether the present mayor should run for a third term. A newly released Reuters article provides excellent background and on the ground reporting on the "term limits" debate.