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Pilgrimage: 20 January 2009 Part 1

Posted Feb 05, 2009 at 8:01 AM
Rachael Hope Caine, San Francisco, California

National Cathedral. Day before the inauguration: The walls were singing, we were all singing!



7:30 in the morning.  January 20, 2008 A papa and his son are getting some breakfast, going to stay there through the morning to chat. Dad says, "it's a pretty worthy morning to get out of the house early,"  turns to his kid and says, "you wanna be president some day?" then and turns back to me to giggle loudly. Ben's Chili Bowl is about a mile from The Mall, and at this point, 3 hours away from our final standing point.




Pilgrimage: 3.5 miles.  25 Degrees. .5 miles left This lovely couple had hot cocoa, tea and orange juice waiting for the brave ones on their pilgrimage towards The Mall.


10 AM, Lost. After the long walk through the chill and crowds we made it to The Mall; little problem about The Mall, its huge!  We were barricaded. The police didn't know where to direct us. The only way to our section is through 2 million people and kitty cornered streets. "So where do I go?"  In the craze and illegal jumping over fences (in a select few places), people paused to point others in the right direction.  Some people never made it. 


 © Rachael Hope Caine