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Today's Map: Colorado Still To-Close-To-Call

Posted Sep 19, 2012 at 9:04 AM by Maurice Berger

With unemployment relatively high in the state--and the demographics fairly evenly divided between the two parties--the state of Colorado continues to look like a toss up to PollTrack. A new poll by the Denver post concludes: "after months of campaigning, multiple visits and millions spent on advertising, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are dead even in Colorado, according to a new Denver Post poll. The poll results . . . show Obama ahead of Romney by a single, statistically insignificant percentage point, 47% to 46%. When former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who is running as the Libertarian nominee for president, is factored in, Obama's single-percentage-point lead remains, 45% to 44%. Johnson registers at 3% of the vote." PollTrack believes that the trend line for the state continues to favor the president (especially factoring in Johnson, who may pull more votes away from the GOP than the Democrats). Nevertheless, the state remains Too-Close-To-Call on Today's Map.