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The Daily Beast: PollTrack, Some of The Savviest Electoral Analysis Around

Posted Jan 20, 2009 at 3:46 PM by Maurice Berger

Tina Brown's much visited website The Daily Beast just published a profile of PollTrack on its Buzz Board--the page on which famous people (and also just plain smart ones) recommend their favorite things, from websites and books to movies and shops. Patricia J. Williams, the renowned legal scholar and columnist for The Nation picked PollTrack (following on her profile of the site on her madlawprofessor blog). For the full text click here. They've also included an invitation to participate in The Obama Project and a few lines on our political director--"one of these polymathic statistical whiz kids who happen to have a passion for politics."

THE OBAMA PROJECT: Call For Submissions

Posted Dec 17, 2008 at 5:17 AM by Maurice Berger

PollTrack has just come off a very successful campaign season, tracking the most exciting presidential election in a generation (along with more than 20 US Senate races). With more than 220,000 visitors in the first two-and-half months of our launch we had visitors from every state in the union and 108 nations. One feature of the site, VOICES ON THE GROUND, invited contributions from artists, writers, observers, scholars, students, and others who helped us track the election from the perspective of where it mattered the most: with voters on the ground.
As we approach the inauguration of President-Elect Obama, VOICES launches The Obama Project--an online forum for commentary, analysis, poetry, photographs, and YouTube content that explores the following questions: What Does The Election of Barack Obama Mean To You? And What Does it Mean for The Nation?
We ask you to submit texts (from a single line to 2,000 words), photographs, or content you've posted on YouTube. We will be uploading content on an ongoing basis through the inauguration and beyond. You are also welcome to submit materials that relate to Election 2008 but do not fall within the purview of The Obama Project.
To submit texts or images, go to the "Participate" tab on the yellow tool bar in the lower right of the VOICES page. You may also send texts (and photo attachments) directly to However you submit materials, PLEASE: include your full name and your city and state or location (if outside the US)
We very much look forward to hearing your voices on PollTrack.