Presidential Race Maps Writing on the Wall


Posted Sep 29, 2008 at 5:30 PM
Paul Shambroom, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Van Buren, Indiana

From the artist's statement: "My photographic road trips were inspired by the traditions of Robert Frank and Walker Evans, but the methodology was decidedly twenty-first-century. Using a laptop computer, mapping software and a database of more than 15,000 communities in over thirty states, I planned my daily itineraries according to geography, population and meeting schedules. After driving several hundred back-road miles I pulled up to the town meeting hall and there had the privilege of seeing democracy in its purest form as farmers, teachers and insurance agents conducted the business of their community. In a time in which there is talk of 'exporting democracy' it seems especially pertinent to look at the often imperfect and sometimes beautiful way in which we practice this form of government at home in America."

Above: Van Buren, Indiana. Below: Sedgwick, Arkansas; Urbana, Missouri; Lee, New Hampshire; Dobbins Heights, North Carolina.

Sedgwick, Arkansas

Urbana, Missouri

Lee, New Hampshire

Dobbins Heights, North Carolina

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